Like at our IKF Tournaments, our Official ISCF Event Photographer is
Mr. Glenn Berg

Mr. Berg will be at the tournament to take Professional Portraits of the Champions and Anyone else!

Glenn will provide professional portraits of you at the Tournament.
Once again, Glenn has designed a special edition border that will be customized with your name and weight division and fighting style.

You can purchase a package listed below and the photos will be mailed directly to you following the tournament.

Additional photos are available for around $15.00 per sheet.
No printed photos will be available until after the tournament.

Team and group photos can be taken and placed on a special edition border for the same prices.

Even if you do not win, "WE" as the ISCF would like to have your photo. You do not have to be a Champion to get your photo taken.

We urge EVERY fighter and Trainer, even officials to go see Glenn to get your photo taken for our records. Glenn will stick around well after the event is over to make sure he has captured everyone there.

SPECIAL NOTICE: There will be no taking photos of individuals who are posed in the Photo booth. This is because Mr. Berg's equipment is all computer related and when any camera flashes, it risks damaging his professional camera and the lights that are tied to it. This happened last year and the break cost a TON to fix. So again, for this reason, NO Camera's please used in the Photo booth of posed individuals. Thank You.

Here are the packages available:

Package #1: (1) 8x10, (1) 5x7, (1) 3x5's and (2) Wallets: TBA
Package #2: (1) 8x10, (2) 5x7's, (2) 3x5's and (4) Wallets: TBA
Package #3: (1) 10x13, (2) 8x10's, (2) 5x7's (4) 3x5's and 9 Wallets: TBA
24 X 30 Color Posters: TBA
CD With high-resolution images of "One Fighter Only": TBA

(*) There will be a shipping charge (TBA) on all orders.

Glenn will hold your pictures on file IF you purchase pictures at the event. If desired, he can offer fees for larger poster size prints as well. All photos are the property of "Glenn Berg Photography" and the "ISCF".

No reproductions are permitted without express written permission from Glenn Berg or the ISCF.

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